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Sumpraxis IP Services – Overview

To provide the Global sourcing advantage to the full spectrum of companies in all jurisdiction including small and mid Cap businesses formerly deprived of the opportunity to access these valuable resources.

  • Innovative-strategic services.
  • Clients-multinationals to emerging companies developing industry-leading technologies.
  • Quick turn around, efficiently and cost-effective -both local and international jurisdictions.
  • Focus on the future and anticipating evolving client needs.
  • Forefront of developments -fundamentally the management of law firms.
  • World-class standards every single time.

IP (Intellectual Property) & Commercialization Services

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • IP Commercialization
  • IP Management


  • Patent Prosecution Support
    • Patentability/Novelty Search and Commercial Assessment
    • Patent Application Drafting: US provisional/non-provisional/PCT/National Phase
    • Patent Filing: all major jurisdictions for our domestic and international clients.
  • Patent Litigation Support
    • Infringement / Non –infringement searches
    • Invalidity Searches / Prior Art Searches And Claim Charts
    • File Wrapper / File History Analysis
  • Patent Portfolio Analytics
    • Freedom to Operate (FTO) or Freedom to Practice (FTP) or Clearance Searches
    • Patent Landscape & Mining Services
    • State of the Art Searches
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Patent Watch & Monitoring Services
  • Other IP Support Services
    • Patent Proofreading
    • Drawing & Illustrations
    • Docketing and management
  • Copyrights & Trademarks
    • TM and Copyright Registration
    • TM search

IP Commercialization

  • Market Analysis
  • Patent Mapping
  • Technology launch Strategy
  • Patent Licensing
  • Deal Making Advice
  • New Industry/Market Diversification
  • Consultation

Success Story

Client XX started a company with a single patent

Developed and filed as many as 90 patent applications in a period of 2 years

Valuation of the company at exit - 10 million USD


Success contributing factors

  • Dedicated resource for XX Inc.
  • Work Efficiency and productivity round the clock due to provision of resources in
  • flexible working hours.
  • Advantage of Geographical time difference – Quick turn around.
  • The dedicated resource/team works as a part of the client company.
    • Client coordinator provides data for each new invention.
    • Client coordinator provides Legal Research/Opinion work/Patent search/Non patent search/Document Review/ Document Analysis.
  • File an application within 2 working days.
  • Provide report within 3 to 4 working days.

Sumpraxis Sample Project Methodology

SUMPRAXIS’ methodology of drafting patent specification




Specification Drafting


  • Collate and review invention disclosure /product / technology literature
  • Brainstorming conference call with inventor to:
  • Clarify gaps in understanding
  • Review relevant prior art
  • Illustrations corresponding to the invention are prepared in a manner to bring out the novelty
  • Illustrations are prepared as drawings, figures, flow charts
  • Illustrations are submitted to client for review and comments
  • Claims are drafted paying attention to finer details, so as to cover maximum possible ground
  • The draft of claims is submitted to client for review and comments
  • Claims are revised as per comments
  • Specification is drafted providing all necessary details
  • Due care is taken to the fact that all the claims are enabled and description provides sufficient information detailing the novelty of the invention
  • Draft of specification is sent to client for review and comments
  • Illustrations, claims and specification can be modified as per client’s requirement
  • Final specification incorporating client comments on illustrations, claims and specification is submitted to client


Sumpraxis Office Action Response Preparation — Process Map

This process map outlines a step-by-step action plan for the Sumpraxis Patent Specialist from the time of receiving the office action from the Patent attorney to providing meaningful support in preparing a response to the office action.


Patent status update service — Introduction

Patent status update service — About the Service — Benefits

  • This service is meant for clients having large patent portfolio.
  • Creation and organization of Patent/Patent Application status
    • For USPTO PAIR (Public or Private), European Patent Register, Patentscope and other such competent Patent databases of official Patent websites.
  • Compilation of information for jurisdictions having incompetent official or unreliable database.
  • The Service is ‘Case oriented’ as opposed to the ‘Jurisdiction oriented’.
  • Provides Single window Multi-jurisdiction status information.
  • No need of compilation of information from attorney communications/files etc.
  • Even for the jurisdictions having competent databases; the service shall provide user customized information not available on their respective official databases.


Patent status update service — Functionality Flowchart


Sumpraxis IP Management Software Tool


  • Management of Patent applications status across jurisdictions and multiple applications.- Dashboard
  • An enhancement beyond traditional docketing solutions.
  • Configurable workflows to suit firm practices and improved client/Affiliates collaboration online.
  • Add-on modules for Client Portals, like status, transaction history, file wrapper,
  • Time and Billing data for all jurisdictions on a single platform.
  • The solution is available as either a hosted Software as a Service or installed at the client’s site
  • Services for clients having large patent portfolio.
  • Integrated email and document management.
  • Compilation of information for jurisdictions having incompetent official or unreliable database.
  • Services for ‘Case oriented’ as opposed to the ‘Jurisdiction oriented’.
  • Provides Single window Multi-jurisdiction status information.
  • No need of compilation of information from attorney communications/files etc..
  • Powerful productivity and personalization - allow each user to configure the system to match their work needs and preferences. 

Various Databases Used

Patent Data Base
  • Delphion
  • Patent Café
  • Micropatent
  • STN
  • Espacenet
  • WIPO patent data base
  • JPO
Non Patent Data Base
  • Pubmed
  • Science Direct
  • Google Scholar
  • ACM
  • IEEE

Sumpraxis Confidentiality Management


  • Strict employee confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Well defined policies and procedures – employee training and induction; clean desk approach; no public discussions of client work
  • Technology-enabled– physical security, password protection, no media drives, etc.
  • Secure project management site which provides secure login to clients and Sumpraxis team
  • Project management site keeps track of all login details
  • Project management site facilitates secure communication

Domain Experts & Timeline

Patent Attorneys and Agents have specialized domain Expertise:
  • Electronics and communication
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical sciences
  • Petroleum
  • Power & Energy
  • Chemical Science
  • Software & Hardware
  • Mechanical
  • Life Sciences / Bio Technology / Pharmaceutical
Timelines for the IP Specialist:
  • 4 days time period will commence based on the positioning of the case within the internal priority list relating to the pending cases.
  • 3 days time period will commence from the date of receipt of the feedback from the patent attorney.

Sumpraxis Employee Profile

  • Educational Experience: Engineers, Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, Trademark Attorneys, USPTO and EPO drawing specialist.
  • Specialized domain knowledge: Electronics, Telecommunication, Software, Mechanical, and Life Sciences / Bio Technology / Pharmaceutical.
  • Techno-legal expertise: In-house integration of law & technology
  • Average Experience: 5.5 years

In addition…

SUMPRAXIS has been working in close connection with two of the major Swedish law firms, helping it to clearly understand expectations, needs and concerns of the Scandinavian companies, as well as their business approach and operational methods.


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